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Why Shift from Project to Product Portfolios


30 Minutes

Why Shift from Project to Product Portfolios


Peter Hughes

As co-founder and CEO of Pemari, I am focused, even slightly obsessed, on helping our clients deliver on their strategies through the use of innovative new approaches and technology. I'm constantly looking for new techniques and experiences that can be used to make our clients businesses better. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning and fuels me for the day.

Prior to setting up Pemari in 2001, I have held a number of senior technology positions in major Financial Services and Telecommunication institutions. Married, 2 children and an avid Aston Villa supporter (for my sins).

About the Session

Many organizations are shifting from a ‘project-based’ to ‘product-based’ delivery. If you're new to the concept, or have had trouble understanding the value, this session will go over why shifting from projects to products is one of the critical factors in ensuring that your agile, devops and digital transformation initiatives succeed.

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