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Why do we overcomplicate Resource Management?


30 Minutes

Why do we overcomplicate Resource Management?


Jörg Leute

For over 15 years, Dr. Jörg Leute has been challenging empty phrases such as “You can still get a project done!” or “So far things have always gone well” in project portfolio and resource management. He shows companies and organizations how to find quick and lasting decision-making processes in a dynamic project world without losing sight of their people.

As founder and managing director of itdesign, a close partner of Broadcom and also the company behind the SaaS software Meisterplan, he advocates Lean PPM – a streamlined and effective project portfolio management approach. He has long been interested in the interplay between strategic decision-making processes and agile implementation. Jörg holds a Master’s degree in business administration and received his doctorate degree from the University of Tübingen in 2013 for his research on agile project management.

About the Session

History is littered with resource management initiatives that fail to deliver the expected productivity gains and operational cost savings.


Resource management is not easy... It's a highly complex social topic.

Who is responsible for allocating people to work?
Who makes sure people are not being burnt out by demanding work schedules?
Who is looking after the planned and unplanned absences?
Who makes sure that Steve and Jeff – who hate each other – are not working on a project together?
These problems exist in every company and sometimes make the lives of everyone involved in resource management very hard. It's no wonder that people are reluctant to introduce software and processes as these would need to reflect the complexities of life as well as complicated corporate policies and governance rules.

In this short presentation Jörg Leute will highlight the pitfalls of resource management and suggest a simple approach to make resource management a success for every company.

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