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Introducing Clai. Conversational AI for Clarity PPM


30 Minutes

Introducing Clai. Conversational AI for Clarity PPM


Dipanjan Roy

I am working as Clarity PPM Consultant since 2009. I have performed various activities spanning from Solution Designer, Clarity PPM Techno-Function SME to Clarity PPM Technical Analyst for the clients from different sector but mainly ITES, Banking and Pharma. My passion is learning new technologies and implementing it in solving business problems. I spend my free time with my camera.

About the Session

Ever wanted to talk to Clarity PPM? Well now you have the chance.

Clai is the first Conversational AI built specifically for Clarity PPM. Designed with one function in mind, to help users of Clarity PPM be more knowledgeable and productive.

In this session we'll go through the concept of a virtual assistants, the design thinking around Clai's development and how he will be able to support, train and proactively help users of Clarity PPM. Meet the future.

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