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How is AI going to affect the delivery of change


30 Minutes

How is AI going to affect the delivery of change


Peter Hughes

As co-founder and CEO of Pemari, I am focused, even slightly obsessed, on helping our clients deliver on their strategies through the use of innovative new approaches and technology. I'm constantly looking for new techniques and experiences that can be used to make our clients businesses better. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning and fuels me for the day.

Prior to setting up Pemari in 2001, I have held a number of senior technology positions in major Financial Services and Telecommunication institutions. Married, 2 children and an avid Aston Villa supporter (for my sins).

About the Session

It is difficult to escape the hype surrounding Artificial intelligence (AI). It has already encroached into our daily lives, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Uber… I can keep going.

It’s obvious the momentum behind AI is gathering pace which begs a number of questions. Where will it stop… will it ever stop? Are we going to make good use of AI and keep it in check, or will we end up in a Matrix-like environment in the year 2100 or beyond? Scary, thought provoking stuff, right? But none of it is that far-fetched at all if you think it through.

In this session Peter Hughes takes a good look at how AI is making its way into the world of business management and what the future could look like for everyone involved in the industry. There are obvious benefits but things are going to change.

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