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Clarity PPM Modern UX Configuration Masterclass


30 Minutes

Clarity PPM Modern UX Configuration Masterclass


Samik Basu & Shomya Jindal

About the Session

The nature of work today is changing. Users of enterprise software solutions are expecting applications to be more social, more team-focused, and more user-friendly.

To address this market dynamic, the Clarity PPM team began a journey to build a modern user experience (UX) with enhanced capabilities for all users, from top-level enterprise portfolio managers, to mid-level project management professionals, and smart agile teams of all sizes.

Clarity PPM’s modern UX offers us a huge amount of flexibility and power to tailor the solution inline with your organisation’s unique approach to project delivery but… as we all know, with power comes responsibility.

Join two of Pemari’s Sky team, Samik Basu and Shomya Jindal where they will go through their tips and tricks on configuring modern UX.

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