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Best Practices for Power BI Report Development


60 Minutes

Best Practices for Power BI Report Development


Angad Anand & Sravani Nidamanuri

About the Session

Centralising data in Clarity PPM is one of the most important features of the solution. Having all of your PPM data in one place makes decision making significantly easier. Remember back in the days when we used to have to cobble together 00's of spreadsheets that would take hours and constantly break... but centralising the data is only the first step. Getting the data out in a format that you can use for decision making is often as important as getting the data in. Power BI has grown in popularity over the last few years and is quickly becoming one of the goto solution in the Business Intelligence Market. In this session we explore some of the best practices we've learnt whilst working with clients on Power BI development.

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