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Best Practices for Gel Script Development


60 Minutes

Best Practices for Gel Script Development


Andrew Litton

Andrew has been working in Project Management Software consulting and presales since 1993, starting with Artemis, and then onto ABT, Niku and CA with the Clarity PPM product as it is currently known. After this he moved to BT where he was the architect responsible for the PPM solutions used within the Business and then in 2007 moved to Pemari focused on implementing and supporting Clarity PPM for our customers.

About the Session

If you haven't understood the power of the gel script, this session is for you. Gel scripting is one of the hidden secrets of Clarity PPM. Use it well and you can dramatically improve that way you interact with the software... use it badly and you'll create a slow and unusable solution. In this session we'll go through the basics of gel scripting and some of the things you can use immediately to improve the way your solution is setup.

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