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Agile Leadership and Breaking Down Silos


30 Minutes

Agile Leadership and Breaking Down Silos


Greg Gould

Experienced technology leader with a 20+ year career and a proven track record for developing new products, new organizational groups, and growing lines of business. Greg leads a team of product experts working to provide solutions that scale Lean and agile practices across the enterprise. As Head of Product for Rally, it’s his mission to help the world’s largest organizations deliver on their missions, achieve successful digital transformations, and drive business outcomes.

Greg takes a customer-first approach to testing and delivering new products. His specialties include the ability to balance commercial instincts with the application of lean and agile product methodologies in order to quickly deliver value to the market. He’s been practicing Agile methodologies and delivering SaaS applications since 2004 – and hasn’t looked back since.

About the Session

With the recent industry wide launch of the BizOps Manifesto, leaders across industries are making a commitment to break down the long standing organizational silos that have existed between Business, Development and Operations. In this session we will explore key principles of Agile leadership. How can we leverage data to create organizational transparency? What does it mean to organize around value? What does the development organization need from the business to be successful?

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