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5 Steps to Enterprise Agility


30 Minutes

5 Steps to Enterprise Agility


Jon Ward

A management scientist who has been agile since 2007!

I’m a huge proponent of Enterprise Agility - the ability to deliver high-quality products and services to customers, combined with the ability to change direction rapidly, should market conditions change or an opportunity reveals. Too many organizations believe Agility is just about Scrum, scaled Agile frameworks, and development activities. My view is that Enterprise Agility is a strategic goal for the whole organization, not just the IT function.

In my consulting practice, I’m engaging with organizations to enable strategy through a new culture and Agile ways of working. My approach helps reduce costs and time-to-market and increases customer satisfaction. I use Lean techniques to reshape organizational eco-systems such that Agile principles can be adopted. Involved with the application of Agile in distributed teams including near-shore, onshore, and offshore teams, and ensuring that programs achieve their desired outcomes. I use a pragmatic, swift, get-the-job-done, low-risk, Agile-agnostic approach. After all, Enterprise Agility is a combination of leadership, culture, process, and development practices.

Hating unnecessary bureaucracy but recognizing that structure often reduces risk and increases success.

I have over 20 years of experience in roles like Agile Transformation Director, Enterprise Coach, Agile Programme Director, and Head of Change. An international background of organizational change in Financial Services, Banking, Payments, Insurance, FMCG, TV, and Retail sectors. I’ve led teams of Agile coaches and coached senior executives to be Sponsors of Agile teams.

A Disciplined Agilist, Certified SAFe Programme Consultant, and Certified Scrum Master.

About the Session

Many organisations are seeking to become more agile in this digital era. The unexpected demands and impacts and demands of the global pandemic have accelerated these pressures. So how do organisations change to adopt agile ways of working? Is there a structured approach to consider? How does an organisation reduce the risk to its operation from the radical cultural change involved in adopting agile?

In this real-life snapshot presentation, Jon Ward will outline how he has used a five-step process to achieve business improvements of, halving delivery times, reducing activity costs by 40% while increasing product quality. The approach is focussed on measurable improvements. Using information from past transformational activities, Jon will present the model in the form of a case study for Enterprise Agility.

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