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  • So often do we see organisations start with Agile practices alone, expecting that a Digital Transformation will be a success? This is when Agile delivery benefits from a Digital Transformation Framework (DTF).

  • Many organizations are shifting from a ‘project-based’ to ‘product-based’ delivery. If you're new to the concept, or have had trouble understanding the value, this session will go over why shifting from projects to products is one of the critical factors in ensuring that your agile, devops and digital transformation initiatives succeed.

  • At the end each year Rego poll their consultants to find the critical things they are hearing from customers and what things are weighing on their minds. The insight from this feedback becomes the Annual PPM Trends Report.

  • Many organisations are seeking to become more agile in this digital era. The unexpected demands and impacts and demands of the global pandemic have accelerated these pressures. So how do organisations change to adopt agile ways of working? Is there a structured approach to consider?

  • How can we leverage data to create organizational transparency? What does it mean to organize around value? What does the development organization need from the business to be successful?

  • In this session we aim to answer one single, simple question... There must be a better way to allocate organisational budgets.

  • It is difficult to ignore the hype surrounding AI (Artificial intelligence). It has already invaded our daily lives via Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Uber, etc... but, how will these leaps in technology affect our ability to deliver change in our organisations.

  • History is littered with resource management initiatives that fail to deliver the expected productivity gains and operational cost savings. Why?

  • If you could start again, what would you look for in a PPM/PMO reporting solution?

  • The nature of work today is changing. Users of enterprise software solutions are expecting applications to be more social, more team-focused, and more user-friendly.

  • We're Agile now. We don't need Clarity PPM... wrong. 

  • As Agile continues to scale across the enterprise the long standing gaps between business and IT have only continued to grow.

  • What will business be like in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? No one has a crystal ball, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be ready. ​

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